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Asteroid Hyalosis

Asteroid Hyalosis

What is Asteroid Hyalosis?
Asteroid Hyalosis(AH) is a degenerative eye condition marked by a buildup of calcium and lipids, or fats, in the fluid between your eye’s retina and lens, called the vitreous humor.

What causes Asteroid Hyalosis?
AH has been associated with many systemic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease; however, the exact disease pathogenesis is still a mystery. Many studies have shown correlations between AH with aging.

What are the symptoms of Asteroid Hyalosis?
Mostly AH does not have any symptoms. Your eye doctor will note this condition during a routine eye examination.

In some cases you may feel appearance of small white spots in your field of vision. These spots are often hard to see unless you look very closely in proper lighting. In some cases, the spots might move, but they usually don’t affect your vision.

How can we diagnose Asteroid Hyalosis?
AH is diagnosed clinically by Indirect Ophthalmoscopy. AH is seen as white to yellow-white small round to oval opacities suspended throughout the vitreous body.

How can Asteroid Hyalosis be treated ?
No treatment is required. Vitrectomy may be indicated when poor visualization of the fundus causes difficulty in retinal diseases diagnosis, follow-up and treatment.

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