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Convergence Insufficiency

Convergence Insufficiency

What Is Convergence Insufficency ?
Convergence is the ability to direct both eyes to a near object. Good convergence is required to maintain comfortable vision for near tasks.
Convergence insufficiency is the inability to maintain maintain binocular function (keeping the two eyes working together) while working at a near distance. Typically, one eye will turn outward when focusing on an object at near.

What are the symptoms Of Convergence Insufficency ?
It can cause symptoms such as :
  • Double vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Eyestrain
  • Sleepiness when reading
  • Needing to reread things several times
  • Trouble concentrating on what he or she is reading
  • Losing his or her place in the text when reading
  • Squinting while reading
What are the precipitating factors for CI ?
General debility, psychological instability, over work and worry may be the precipitating factors.

What is the cause of Convergence Insufficiency ?
Caused by an imbalance of convergent eye movements that is either an inborn deficiency or an acquired.

When Convergence Insufficiency most common?
Convergence Insufficiency can present at almost any age, it is most common in the young adult population. More common in children with increased school work, prolonged periods of reading, desk workers and precision worker

What are the treatment options available?
Treatment includes proper refraction, orthoptic treatment, prism therapy and surgery.

A. Pencil push up exercises
B. Convergence card exercises
C. Office based exercises using Synoptophore

Synergy Eye Care is well equipped and its doctors are well experienced in treating this disease using required procedures and /or surgeries with good results.

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