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Optic Neuritis

Optic Neuritis

What is Optic Neuritis (ON)?
Optic neuritis is swelling of the eye’s optic nerve. The optic nerve carries light signals from the back of your eye to your brain so you can see. If the optic nerve is swollen, damaged or infected, you cannot see clearly.

What is the cause of Optic Neuritis?
The exact cause of optic neuritis is not clearly known. This condition may be caused by the body’s immune system attacking optic nerve tissue by mistake. It seems more likely to happen in people who have had viral problems like mumps, measles, flu or multiple sclerosis, among others.

What are the symptoms of Optic Neuritis?
The three most common symptoms of ON are:
• Vision loss in one eye, which can vary from mild to severe
• Periocular pain, or pain around your eye that’s often worsened by eye movements
• Dyschromatopsia, or the inability to see colours correctly

How can we diagnose Optic Neuritis?
A physical exam, symptoms, and medical history form the basis of a diagnosis of Optic Neuritis.

Following tests may be ordered:
• OCT scan - which looks at the nerves in the back of your eye
• Visual Field test
• Brain MRI scan
• Visual evoked response (VER/VEP) - this test evaluates the optic nerve function by measuring the transmission of electric signals from eyes to brain

How can we treat Optic Neuritis?
After diagnosis, the treating doctor may give high dose steroids as intravenous treatment for this disease. Majority of patients do respond to this treatment with some improvement in vision, but not all patients improve and some patients may be left with some residual vision loss.

Can a patient be affected with Optic Neuritis again?
Yes, especially if Optic Neuritis is associated with a disease called Multiple Sclerosis (MS), there is a possibility of recurrence of Optic Neuritis. Therefore a regular eye checkup is necessary even after recovering from this disease.

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