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Ptosis (Drooping Eye Lids)

Ptosis (Drooping Eye Lids)

What is ptosis?
Ptosis or blepharoptosis is the drooping of the upper eyelid.

What are the symptoms of ptosis?
Most of the patients with ptosis feel a difference in the size of both the eyes because of drooping of the upper eyelid. In some cases, it may be present in both the eyes. Some patients may experience decrease in vision or difficulty in looking up.

What are the causes of ptosis?
Ptosis may be present since birth (congenital), or may occur later in life. It may be caused as a result of the normal ageing process (aponeurotic/ involutional), as a result of trauma, swelling/ mass in the eyelid (mechanical) or due to a problem in the nerves (neurogenic) due to stroke, diabetes, hypertension etc. In some patients, ptosis may be due to a muscular condition called myasthenia gravis

What are the signs of ptosis?
Your doctor will look for signs of ptosis in your eyelids, including position of eyelids, size and any swellings in the lids. There may also be signs of previous surgeries in the eye or scar tissue due to an injury. In some cases, additional tests like Neostigmine test or Ice-pack test may be done to rule out myasthenia gravis. Your doctor will guide you on the procedure of these tests.

What is the treatment for ptosis?
Treatment for ptosis is primarily surgical. Surgery is done to correct the position of the upper eyelid to lift it up to the height of the other eye upper lid. There are many surgeries which can achieve this goal, depending on the strength of the muscle which lifts your upper eyelid. In cases of myasthenia or thyroid disorder, medications may be of some use.

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