Fast Track OPD with
Optos UWF Screening

Fast Track OPD with Optos UWF Screening

Save Time, See More, Treat Better

At Synergy, we prefer detailed retinal evaluation for most of our patients. This evaluation involves dilatation of eyes for the patients, which generally takes one hour extra in the centre and also causes blurring of vision for next 4-6 hours or so preventing patient from driving and from doing near work.

Because of this inconvenience, many patients prefer not to get dilated and hence we are able to evaluate only the central part of the retina through undilated pupils.

To ensure Yet Comprehensive Eye Retinal Checkup for ALL our patients, Synergy has installed the latest innovation of taking a photo of 200(degrees) of retina (as compared to 45degree view captured by regular fundus cameras) through a very small pupil size of even 2 mm (as compared to 3.5 mm of regular fundus camera). Using the latest Optos Nikon Ultra Wide Field (UWF) Camera, it takes less than one second for capturing the image of each eye.

Using this technology, the time spent by the patient in the clinic is reduced to an average of 30 minutes, as compared to earlier 2-3 hours, with added convenience of no blurring of vision for the next 6 hours. Only the patients with detected retinal problems requiring further detailed tests or treatment would require a pupil dilatation. Additionally this technique has the added advantage of having a retinal picture covering almost whole of retina, as compared to having a traditional fundus photo showing only a small part of central retina for future comparisons.

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