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Watery Eyes (Epiphora)

Watery Eyes (Epiphora)

What is epiphora?
Epiphora is excess watering of the eye.

What are the symptoms of epiphora?
A patient with epiphora always feels like their eyes are full of tears. There can be dripping of tears from the eyes.

What are the causes of epiphora?
Epiphora may develop in adults due to an increase in tear production or due to a blockage in the drainage system for tears from the eyes. An increase in tear production may be due to dryness, lid disorders like entropion, ectropion etc.

What are the signs of epiphora?
Your doctor will look for any local signs of ectropion/entropion/inflammation in your eyelids, quality of tear film or other causes of watering. They will also do a test called syringing to see if there is any blockage in the drainage system.

What is the treatment for epiphora?
Treatment for epiphora is primarily surgical if there is a blockage in the drainage system for tears (lacrimal apparatus). Surgery is done to relieve this blockage.

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